Using UnoCSS to Add SVG Icons

May 27, 2022
UnoCSS is a utility-first CSS framework, much like TailwindCSS, but much more pluggable.... Read more

SSR but Just for Bots

May 24, 2022
One of the projects I'm working on recently needs to have proper SEO, namely, the following things need to be accomplished:... Read more

Building a Multi-Tenant Web App with Next.js

May 21, 2022
Next.js has excellent built-in support for building multi-tenant apps, allowing every customer to use a subdomain of your application or even bring their own top-level domains.... Read more

Manage Monorepo with pnpm

Feb 22, 2022
pnpm is my go-to package manager for javascript projects, if you're already using pnpm, you most likely would also like to use it for monorepo: codebases containing multiple projects.... Read more

Poor man's backup system

Jan 13, 2022
When your new site goes live or if you have something important stored on a VPS, you always need a system to periodically backup your data to somewhere safe like AWS S3. Maybe as a small team, you want to spend your money on something more important, so you're trying to find a free solution, if that's the case, congrats! GitHub is your savior.... Read more

Writing build scripts using TypeScript

Jan 12, 2022
Just a few years ago I was fighting a tough battle with the typescript compiler, but now I can't live without it!... Read more

Extending globalThis, window, process.env etc in TypeScript

Nov 18, 2021
Based on TypeScript 4.5... Read more

Deploy a Ghost Blog on

Nov 11, 2021 is yet another Platform as a Service, you can think of it as a serverless and multi-regional Heroku.... Read more